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This happened a while ago, but like many things these days I want to write it down before I forget.

A. was saying “OMAKAI” — sometimes is a slow, wistful tone (Oh. Ma. Kai.), sometimes as an exclamation (OH-MA-KAI!!).

Then one day I said “oh my god” and he said “omakai.”

We figured it would be more dainty and proper if our baby said “Gosh” instead of taking a lot of people’s Lord’s name in vain, so we started saying “Oh. My. Gosh.” and “OH-MY-GOSH!”

Mister Finn’s intonation uniquely mounts in intensity, so it’s like “oh, ma, GOSH!!!” And he says it with such purpose. Like, I took out my breast to nurse him and he said “oh, ma, GOSH!!!” ¬†I put his food out before him and he panted “oh, ma, GOSH! oh, ma, GOSH!!!” ¬†Sometimes he just wanders around with a domino saying “oh, ma, GOSH.” Or sitting in the car: “oh, ma, GOSH.”


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