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December 31, 2004



We landed in Paris on this day.  



It was my first time in Paris, a place I’ve had clichéd nostalgic infatuations since I was, oh, 7 years old.  I’m sure I lived in Paris in a past life.  When I’m there, I am in a dream that I’ve had as long as I can remember, and I walk in a stunned stupor of familiarity. The feeling is creepy and beautiful and impossible to ignore. And unique to Paris. 

On this day, Paris lived up to every single one of my clichéd nostalgic infatuations. When, in life, does that ever happen? 





Bonne Année!

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I just LOVE cataloguing, categorizing, organizing. It’s so fun and brings just the touch of CONTROL I need in my disorderly soul these days. So here we have a new category to contain my escapism. After 28 days straight of driveling about my daily life, I today must instead go somewhere beautiful. Seattle is so damn DARK this time of year. I descended into the bowels of Target today and resurfaced at 3pm, in near darkness. So, I think my escape place shall be somewhere light-filled….  So, Ahoy, dear reader readers, let’s go to Croatia!


W. and I were already in Europe in 2005, so, like the rest of Europe, we decided to have our beachy vacation in Croatia, on the Dalmatian coast. Croatia is such a beautiful, affordable place. Ancient Roman ruins litter the streets, white rock walls and olive trees dot the landscape, the food is a unique version of Mediterranean, and the beaches are accessible yet not too touristified.  I feel better already just thinking of it!  Hasn’t it been scientifically proven that if you think deeply about a place, part of your mind actually has the experience of going there?


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