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Zip It Good

Mister Finn has been talking a lot about zippers lately, except he says zippet instead of zipper. I started singing him Push It by Salt-n-Pepa, except instead of “Push It” of course we both say “Zip It.” He zips my sweatshirt up and down and says “Oh, zip it.”  I say “Zip it good.”  And the cuddly thing in a purple panda sleeper sweetly replies “Zip it real good.” The whole routine makes me nutty and I devour his cheeks.


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I say to Mister Finn, “I love you.”  And he says, “I la la.”


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Especially while nursing, A.’s hands flutter like gentle birds. They rest, alight, make sudden yet graceful paths through the air, rest.  I say, “Lemme kiss your birds!”  And then I kiss kiss kiss kiss these little hands like birds.


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I love it when A. is nursing contentedly and then bobs off in a stupor, with milk on his lips and in the corners of his mouth, and dribbling down his face.  Then the singing begins.  



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