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What is it about the xylophone and the synthesizer that seduces babies so?  Why do these tender listeners prefer crude electronic renditions of classical hits instead of actual musical instruments?  I imagine the laboratory testing that must have taken place to figure out the musical frequencies that will pacify The Baby.  I am a music snob (more like the record store guys in High Fidelity than I am proud of), and I thought my spawn would surely not fall for this seemingly unnecessary genre. Surely he would prefer a full orchestra over the creepy tunes his battery-powered baby gadgets emanate.  Wrong!

We have these magical singing flowers.


We have the swing, the bouncy seat, and a music box, all of which play “music” that light up my baby’s face most days.

Every morning, A sits in his bouncy seat listening to music in the bathroom doorway while I take a shower. This morning I thought I’d mix things up and play him some spritely Bach insead of the usual “Baby Einstein” lullaby collection. Think again, Mama!  I didn’t even dry off competely before changing the music, for The Point of No Return was looming.  As soon as the right music came on, as it should have in the first place, all was right with the world. Like magic.

I’ve come to regard A’s taste in music as not really so bad. Baby Einstein’s “Twinkle Twinkle” starts out the same as ever, but then once it gets going it really takes off!  I’ve become grateful for it, for it works.


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